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  1) small size, easy to install
  2) accurate GPS positioning, dynamic positioning deviation is less than 5 m
  3) support GSM voice and SMS functions, UDP / TCP protocol communications in GPRS mode
  4) support the GPS data uploading at intervals and location
  5) support the two way voice communication function
  6) support two way SMS communication via Mobile and PC software
  7) support authorized tapping function
  8) support protection from high or low level voltage function
  9) support the data resend from signal dead zone function
10) support remotely locking vehicle function
11) support watching vehicle function
12) support emergency alarm function
13) support the power-off alarm function
14) support over speed alarm function
15) support parking alarm function
16) support illegal door-open, illegal engine-start alarm function
17) support fuel consumption detection
18) support fuel changing alarm
19) support mileage statistics
20) support Geo-fence alarm
21) support fatigue driving alarm
22) support camera
23) support temperature detection
24) support remote update


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