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  1  Low power consumption.
  2  speed dial buttons and one SOS button .
  3  SOS signal can be sent to the control center if the SOS button is pressed, so as to indicate
      the user’s location precisely.
  4  Built-in microphone to support two-way voice communication.
  5  Display longitude, latitude, speed and altitude etc;
  6  Support time setting and continuous/discontinuous tracking functions;
  7  Support the electronic fence function;
  8  Support the alarm function if exceeding the designated range
  9  Support alarm and remote monitoring functions
10  Support real-time tracking and monitoring without causing influence on personal life;
11  Provide location tracking function through message in the point-point mode;
12  The control center can search the user’s location through message/GPRS (System support
      is required)
13  Track recording function, historical track playback function (System support is required);
14  Standby time: 60-72 hrs , provide GPS operation management system of B/S or C/S
      framework. (System support is required);

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