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  1. SMS and GPRS TCP/UDP Communication
  2. Track by Time Interval and call roll
  3. Cut off the car engine when in urgency
  4. Group telephone chrs
  5. SMS of mobile and gprs
  6. Mileage function
  7. Remotely monitor by authorization
  8. High low-level output voltage measuring
  9. Record data logging function
10.Remotely lock vehicle
11. SOS alarm
12. Cut power alarm
13. High and low voltage alarm
14. Overspeed alarm
15. Parking alarm
16. Illegal open door and illegal start engine alarm
17. Internal flash memory 16MB : When the M528 is disconnected to the system (for example,
      the GPRS signal is weak), the position data will be storing in the flash, and then it will upload 
      again after it reconnect to the system (the GPRS signal is ok). remote update

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