If you have never looked into a fleet tracking systems for your company, then you cannot possibly imagine the advantages you are missing out on. Because of fleet tracking systems, you can now do detailed profiling on your drivers by tracking their driving habits. It may seem far fetched, but you can now track the speed of your drivers, their current locations at any time, the number of stops they make and where they stop. You can also track their response times.

Global Positioning systems, for which GeoTrackNetwork is based, are used by most fleet tracking systems. The abbreviation for global positioning systems is GPS. These GPS units are widely used by the military, public service officials, the general public, as well as large delivery companies such as UPS. A fleet of vehicles must run very efficiently. Each time a vehicle goes out on the road, waste is incurred in the form of fuel, mileage and time. By putting our fleet tracking systems in company vehicles or personal vehicle, it can be an effective way of eliminating wasted expenses and provide a way to manage the fleet as efficiently as possible.

Even though fleet tracking systems can record data and keep track of where the vehicle is located, they can do so much more. If a fleet manager is suspicious that something could be wrong, he has the ability to disable the vehicle. If a vehicle is stolen, the fleet tracking system can also help. If a taxi is stolen in a big city, a disabiling feature such as a "panic button" can allow the owner to stop the vehicle right away. This would allow time for the authorities to arrive. The fact that the cost of fuel is rising makes fleet management systems even more important. If you keep your vehicles on track at all times, it can make a difference in whether you turn a profit or whether you file bankruptcy.

GeoTrackNet systems allow company managers to watch over their vehicles and drivers at all times during the business week and can be a large part of the success of any firm that utilizes any quantity of vehicles on a daily basis.

Business improvement Tool

Mobile Asset Real Time GPS Tracking
GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Tracking (AVT) system is the state of the art technology in mobile asset tracking, monitoring and management. It offers a remote asset management, delivers increased productivity, management control, customer service, employee satisfaction, reducing fuel bills, communications costs and complying with legislation. The value of this service delivers effective cost reduction and safety monitoring

Brief background
A GPS tracking unit is a device that use the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle or other asset to which it is attached. It records the position [coordinates], description [street/road names] and other Meta data at regular intervals. The recorded data can be transmitted to an internet connected computer, using GPRS via GSM network. This allows the unit's location to be displayed against a map background either in real time or when analyzing the track on a web-base customized software.

Benefits of Real Time GPS Tracking to the Business
1. Reduced vehicle / vessel operating cost.
2. Reduced fuel consumption.
3. Reduced maintenance cost.
4. Minimized non-work related activities.
5. 'Where are you' calls no longer necessary as any vessel can be visually monitored and tracked over a map.
6. Reduce vulnerability to unwarranted liability claims in the event of any incident.
7. Remote asset management thereby acting as a valuable tool for the company's Asset Watchdog.
8. Compliance to journey management rules - being a useful tool for journey management
9. Alert device will help provide Emergency Response in Life-Critical Situations and security
10. It monitors and enforces the 12-life saving Rules in our transportation system and thereby bringing c o
mpliance with safety rules and legislation.

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